01. The Challenge

We are at a crossroads: do all that we can to conserve our planet before tragedy—or watch it come.

So long as there is lack of creative thinking and constructive dialogue, possible solutions to global warming will remain stuck somewhere between idea and actual implementation. We are stuck because people cannot agree on what to do. Unfortunately, the impact of the climate crisis is worsening for communities around the world every day.

The scale of the problem

This current crisis is unprecedented in human history. If the average temperature rises +3°C above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century, more than three billion people will become climate migrants, having to uproot their homes and communities where they have been for centuries. That is nearly 30% of humanity.*

The research shows consensus that every person's carbon footprint needs to reduce to 2t CO2 per year to prevent this. People in high-income countries must aim to reduce their annual carbon footprint (11t CO2**) by 50% by 2030 and by 81% by 2050.***

This can only be achieved through transformation of global society, specifically how we live (food production and consumption, transportation, production of materials, energy sources and power generation, and public emissions to name a few).

Cooperation will be essential for adaptation.

02. The Vision

Our vision is to harness the power of walking and constructive communication to cultivate a sense of alignment and unity to tackle climate challenges together despite ideological, identity, and/or any other differences. To move from stuck to unstuck.

That is why ClimateWalks supports local communities around the world who, despite all their differences, wish to act in unity to mitigate the effects of the climate crisis.


Moving from eye to eye to shoulder to shoulder.

When people set out to walk a path together, it is easier to look in the same direction—literally and figuratively. Despite any differences in thinking, feeling, or worldview, movement in a shared direction cultivates a sense of connection and can lead to mutual understanding.

ClimateWalks aims to support communities on their path to exploring solutions to the climate challenges affecting them directly. Regardless of what divides them, during the walks they will be able to really listen to each other, explore the issue through a new lens and connect with each other. Just imagine - using their differences as a source of unimagined possibilities!

03. The Solution Path

The ClimateWalks process:

Different perspectives and the situation itself are cues which can lead us to seek deeper understanding of the conflict. In our three-part process, each part building on the previous, the parties involved become aware of previously unimagined shared interests and a common ground.

We listen

The ClimateWalks process first acknowledges the views and opinions of the parties involved and encourages them to practise a culture of listening to each other and gaining deeper insights along the way. Facts are brought forward and jointly classified without judging them.

We learn

This ignites a learning process that invites the participants to tap into their inner calling and get to the heart of their shared challenge. That creates a new kind of understanding and a willingness to release some of the resistance in order to move forward together more intentionally.

We create

Only at this point does an energized space emerge to search for new paths for joint action. Options are exchanged until real agreements are made via a goal-oriented, coordinated approach.

04. The Outcomes

What succeeds on a small scale
becomes possible on a large scale.

We focus on guiding local and organizational conflict situations through these processes to deescalate the climate crisis. This is an urgent and multifaceted goal that requires our full attention and competence.

You & I

The Four-Feet Principle

Before we can even embrace a discussion about local solutions to reduce global warming with business representatives, politicians, and the public, we can start with the one person we have full control over: ourselves.

ClimateWalks offers a walk focused on introspection and self-discovery as an opportunity to reflect on your motives, arguments, wishes, doubts, worries, and fears.

We will guide you through a walk in the shoes of the party you are experiencing conflict with to cultivate greater empathy, understanding, and clarity. During this ClimateWalk for two—you and one of our expert guides—we guarantee discretion. You choose the location of the ClimateWalk so that you can ensure maximum comfort in addition to confidentiality of the content discussed.


  • Access to an open and independent dialogue partner.

  • Greater clarity about your own perspective.

  • Preparation discussion for more constructive dialogue and/or negotiation on the climate challenges you care about most.

  • Effective presentation skills on the climate issue.

  • New or broadened perspectives and new clarity on how to proceed.

And as with every ClimateWalk: thinking is better, easier and more clear in fresh air, in motion, and in a natural space.


Please consult with us directly for the fee for this opportunity. Depending on the level of support and accompaniment, the fees may vary: hello@climatewalks.org

Us & Them

The group walk

Walking together is a way to replenish and re-energize. This applies to groups and communities of any kind.

Whether stuck, misaligned, or in disagreement, the process of a group ClimateWalk includes a collective decision—a group decision-- on what the walk will be about, or what climate challenge you will explore together.

The group walk is for organisations, associations, and local initiators to better align on an upcoming project, including implementation. The length of the walk will vary (could be one day or multiple) based on your group’s specific needs.


  • However different the perspectives of the parties may be, we will experience the cultivation of unity through walking together.

  • Our facilitation guides conflicting parties according to the principle "Listen-Learn-Create" more easily and constructively.

The deepening acquaintance on the way opens the readiness for deeper understanding and sustainable agreements.


Please consult with us directly for the fee for this opportunity. Depending on the level of support and accompaniment, the fees may vary: hello@climatewalks.org

Public ClimateWalks

Come along and get involved

Almost every day, we are confronted with tragic news stories related to climate change. Often, we are left alone with our thoughts, worries, fears and hopes.

Imagine how good it would feel to exchange these experiences with like-minded people on a ClimateWalk with professional guidance and move from stuck to unstuck?

In these public ClimateWalks, experiencing nature helps us get out of our thoughts and into our bodies more easily. By exchanging experiences with like-minded people, we feel supported and learn how we can be effective together.

Nothing should be glossed over or relativised. The IPCC reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change form the scientific basis of our discussions. Many things will be rearranged mentally along the way. In the best case, confidence will be gained in the face of opportunities to get involved in local projects and initiatives. Perhaps such a walk is the start of new communities or beneficial initiatives - who knows.


  • Don't stay alone with your questions and fears; instead, share them in a walking community open to this topic.

  • Gain a new community alongside a group of like-minded people.

  • Discover the possibility of being part of the transformation yourself and find ideas and new local points of contact for this.

  • Initiate and engage in new projects geared toward climate change solutions.

Costs and dates:

For the dates of public walks and registration possibilities and the participation fee please contact: hello@climatewalks.org

05. Change

Our theory of change:

ClimateWalks know that if people come together and have constructive, intentional conversations while walking down a shared path together, then they can generate, strategize, and initiate solutions to the climate challenges affecting them directly.

We believe in the transformative power of when differing perspectives become common pathways, when resistance becomes movement, and when parties in conflict become new communities who become impactful together. Our graphic shows you how we will make this a reality in the coming years through our theory of change.

Theory of Change

06. Reputation

Conflict transformation —
using conflict as path to new solutions.

ClimateWalks is inspired by decades of research on different approaches to negotiation and communication. We are in touch with world-renowned practitioners in the field, which assures you the highest level of confidence in a mediation effort or negotiation preparation.

07. About Us

People who accompany people.

Your accompaniers

With a team of experts with different professional backgrounds, we are able to carry out unique interventions and programs for.

Oliver Pospisil

Oliver Pospisil lives and works in Westerwald, Germany. As a consultant for crisis and negotiation management, Oliver Pospisil draws on experience from more than 10 years of negotiation training and another 20 years in the management of international IT projects.

He learned the Harvard approach from co-author of Getting To Yes William Ury. He regularly teaches negotiation and mediation methods at the Forum Demokratie in Düsseldorf, among other places, as well as in medium-sized companies and public organisations.

Oliver Pospisil lives and works in Betzdorf. He spends his free time as an ambassador and board member of the Abraham Path Initiative and on hiking trails in Europe, Southwest Asia (also known as the Middle East) and beyond.

Thomas Hecker

Thomas lives with his wife in the Lower Rhine area and works in Germany. He has been working independently with groups, teams and leaders in and outside the health sector since the 1990s.

His main focus is on mediation in conflicts, coaching based on Non-Violent Communication and lead programs to counter violence preventively.

The three-time author and certified hiking guide also enjoys being outdoors. Thomas is deeply convinced that people only succeed in overcoming differences through genuine dialogue. It is important to him that humor is not neglected, even in the face of difficult topics.

Jessica Menasce

Jessica Menasce comes from a multicontinental family (Mediterranean roots, refugee grandparents, born in Latin America). Jessica is dedicated to reshaping traditional approaches to communication, negotiation and leadership.

Jessica has lived in the Middle East for the past six years, working with various international non-governmental organisations (INGOs) and the Harvard Negotiation Project.

An avid walker and hiker, Jessica is particularly passionate about how we can learn and work together to save our planet, its spaces and all its creatures. She believes that conflict can be transformed when you start walking the path.

08. Contact

Reach out and talk with us!
Let's walk the path to new possibilities-- together.